A chronological listing of peer-reviewed journal publications, authored chapters, and conference proceedings.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • D.L. Parr IV and J. Leddy, “Sonoelectrochemistry - A Sketch of Thin Layer Advantages,” ECS Trans.y (2019) XX(xx), x-x; doi:.Open Access, invited
  • Nathaniel Coleman Jr., Matthew D. Lovander, Johna Leddy, Edward G. Gillan, “Phosphorus-Rich Metal Phosphides: Direct and Tin Flux-Assisted Synthesis and Evaluation as Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalysts,”
    Inorganic Chemistry (2019) 58(8) 5013-5024; DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.9b00032
  • Lovander, M.D.; Lyon, J.D.; Parr IV, D.L.; Wang, J.; Parke, B.; Leddy, J. Electrochemical Properties of 13 Vitamins: A Critical Review and Assessment. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. (2018) 165(2) G18-G49.
  • Knoche, K.L.; Moberg, P.D.; Hettige, C.; Leddy, J. Simulation of Fick's Second Law for Spatially Variant Diffusion Coefficients. ECS Transactions. (2013) 53(15) 1-6.
  • Knoche, K.L.; Hettige, C.; Moberg, P.D.; Amarasinghe, S.; Leddy, J. Cyclic Voltammetric Diagnostics for Inert, Uniform Density Films. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. (2013) 16(6) H285-H293.
  • Lee, G.G.W.; Leddy, J.; Minteer, S.M. Enhancing Alcohol Electrocatalysis with the Introduction of Magnetic Composites to Nickel Electrocatalysts. Chem Comm. (2012), 48(98) 11972-11974.
  • Motsegood, P.; Leddy, J. Detection of Acetone on Human Breath Using Cyclic Voltammetry. ECS Trans. (2012), 41(18) 1-7.
  • Lee, G.; Leddy, J. Magnetically Modified Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. ECS Trans. (2011), 41(4) 83-91.
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  • Zou, Pengcheng; Leddy, Johna.  Magnetized Nickel Electrodes for Improved Charge and Discharge Rates in Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium Batteries.  Electrochem. Solid-State Lett.  (2006), 9(2), A43 – A45.
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  • Tinoco, F.; Leddy, J.  A Model To Determine Local, Microscopic Flux Profiles within Composites from the Measured, Macroscopic Flux: Application to Poly(4-vinylpyridine) Composites.  J. Phys. Chem., (1996), 100(35), 14762 – 14768.
  • Zook, L.A..; Leddy, J.  Density and Solubility of Nafion: Recast, Annealed, and Commercial Films. Anal. Chem., (1996), 68, 3793 – 3796.

Invited Contributions

  • Johna Leddy, “Modification of Nafion Membranes: Tailoring Properties for Function,” Chapter 6, in Nanomaterialsfor Sustainable Energy, ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 1213, electronic publication 15 December 2015, hardback 29 June 2016, Jingbo Louise Liu and Sajid Bashir, Ed. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, pp 99–133, DOI: 10.1021/bk-2015-1213.ch006
  • Tesene, J.P.; Leddy, J.  Magnetically Modified Alkaline Batteries – Improved Primaries and Attractive Secondaries. Proc. 42nd Power Sources Conf., 2006, 161 – 163.
  • Leddy, J.; Chung, H.  Magnetically Modified Fuel Cells.  Proc. 39th Power Sources Conf., 2000, 144 – 147.

Book Chapters

  • Dunwoody, D.C.; Chung, H.; Haverhals, L.; Leddy, J.  Current Status of Direct Methanol Fuel-Cell Technology.   In Alcoholic Fuels; Minteer, S. D. Ed.; Chemical Industries, Vol. 112; CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL, 2006, pp 155 – 189.

Meeting Proceedings

  • Gellett, W.L.; Dunwoody, D.C.; Leddy, J.  Self Hydrating Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells.  Proc. 41st Power Sources Conf., 2005, 251 – 254.
  • Dunwoody, D.C.; Wolf, A.K.H.; Gellett, W.L.; Leddy, J.  Magnetically Modified Carbon Paste Electrodes: Method for Construction and Demonstration of Increased Electochemical Flux Over Unmodified Carbon Paste Electrodes.  In Electrode Processes VII; Birss, V.I.; Evans, D.; Josowicz, M.; Osawa, M. Eds.; ECS Proc., Vol. 2004-18; The Electrochemical Society, Inc.: Pennington, NJ, 2005, pp 181 – 191.
  • Dunwoody, D.C.; Gellett, W.L.; Chung, H.; Leddy, J.  Magnetic Modification of Proton Exchange Membrane Fueled Cells for Improved Carbon Monoxide Tolerance.  Proc. 40th Power Sources Conf., 2002, 262 – 265.
  • Zook, L.A.; Leddy, J.  Cold Cast, Thermally Processed, and Commercial Films: Comparison of Density, Water Content, and Equivalent Weight.  In New Directions in Electroanalytical Chemistry II; Leddy, J, Vanysek, P., Porter, M. Eds; ECS Proc., Vol 99-5; The Electrochemical Society Inc.: Pennington, NJ, 1999, pp 217 – 224.
  • Zook, L.A.; DeJohn, M.D.; Leddy, J.  Aggregation of Ionomer and Carbon Blacks during MEA Preparation: Model to Characterize Particle Size and Catalyst Accessibility.  In 2nd International Symposium on Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells; Gottesfeld, S.; Guller, T.; Halpert, G.  Eds; ECS Proc., Vol 98-27; The Electrochemical Society Inc.: Pennington, NJ, 1999, pp 10 – 22.
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  • Leddy, J.; Amarasinghe, S.; Zook, L.A.; Tinoco, F.  Magnetic Ion Exchange Polymer Composites: Tansport Enhancements Driven by Non-Uniform Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Moments of Transported Species.  Proc. 37th Power Sources Conf., 1996, 93 – 95.
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